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cropped-0031.jpgOkay, okay, shelve the jokes for a moment, please. I am quite comfortable with my masculinity thank you very much.  The thing is, I received this award from my friend Kelly, and as a result I’m supposed to answer ten questions and tell you things about myself.

First off, thank you Kelly!  I appreciate being included in this award giving. We guys get left out of this stuff far too often, and it was nice of Kelly to think of me.  I agree with her statement that we bloggers, and writers in general, have to help each other.  I’ve been singing that song for quite some time now and hopefully it is sinking in with some writers.

So I am donning my sisterhood cape and proceeding with the ten questions.

1)      My favorite color:  I have to say it is purple.  It used to be midnight blue, but I fell in love with lavender so purple now gets the nod.

2)      My favorite animal:  without a doubt it would be a horse. I love horses…they are so powerful and majestic.  We once had horses in another lifetime, and I would sit out in the pasture with a cup of coffee and feed sugar cubes to them as they pushed my shoulder for attention.  Special memories those.

3)      My favorite non-alcoholic drink:  it better be non-alcoholic for this drunk.  LOL  Vanilla mocha…I have one every day thank you very much.

4)      Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook all the way. I don’t have a clue how Twitter works and I’m much too old to care.

5)      My favorite pattern:  I don’t even know what that means, but I’ll let my imagination fly and tell you that seeing a spider’s web in the early morning sunshine, the way the light filters through those filaments….that is way cool.

6)      Do I prefer to give or receive presents:  Give all the way. I am actually very uncomfortable receiving presents or awards or any acclaim.  I love to see the smiles on faces when I give a surprise present that was not expected.

7)      My favorite number:  it’s always been twelve. That was my number when I played baseball and it has just stuck with me all these years.

8)      My favorite day of the week:  I almost said Monday because my brain is fresh and I feel like I am going to explode with new writing ideas, but the nod goes to Sunday. I love laying in bed snuggling with Bev and knowing I don’t have to get up at six a.m.

9)      My favorite flower:  the Sweet Pea.  So small, so delicate, so colorful….a close second is lavender, although really that’s not a flower now is it?

10)   My passion:  that’s such an easy one.  Writing!  I never get tired of writing, and I never run out of ideas for articles, and my brain is running at about 5,400 rpms constantly, but more than that, I want my writing to reach people, inspire people, and help people get through life just a bit easier.

Now I’m supposed to pass this along to ten other bloggers, but I don’t really know that many, and the ones I do know are the same ones Kelly already sent this to….Susan, Janine, Melanie, Cyndi, Ruchira…..the only ones not on her list are Sha and Lizzy and I guess Audrey….oh, and Randee….sheez, I guess I’ll just post this and hope that others do something with it….no, that’s a copout….okay, I’m passing this along to Randee, Audrey, Donna, Lizzy and Sha…oh, and Maria….oh, and Christy….oh, and Greg…oh, and Donna….oh, and Marissa….see, I’m a guy, this sort of stuff is hard for me. LOL

Seriously, thank you Kelly.  It was fun!