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cropped-0031.jpgHappy Friday once again. I hope you have some nice plans for your weekend.

Bev and I were going over finances the other day.  Always a joyous event.  LOL  We do, however, manage to do this without getting into an argument, so we should count our blessings, right?

But then why would we argue over finances?  We both earn money; we have a shared dream of the future; neither of us spends on silly things; really we are both on the same page about money.  There is no reason to argue that I can see.  She is my best friend; I am hers.  We have put ourselves in a very simple lifestyle.  Our needs are few. We do not bow down to possessions and we live within our means and without credit.

And yet so many couples argue over finances.  Why?  So many reasons come to mind.  Lack of communication….Feelings of inadequacy….Overspending and debt, which leads to nervousness and eventually fear…..Playing the blame game….selfishness…..and the list goes on.Train ride from Elbe to 018

Life is so much simpler today for me.  I was in a marriage that was marked by overspending and overextending, and that of course led to financial concerns and blame and arguments, and it was not a pleasant experience at all.  Today I live with a loving partner who is on the same page as I am regarding money.  We are saving towards the goal of buying a small farm in two years, and eventually building a writing studio on that farm where we can hold writing workshops for local writers.  Bev wants to also have a children’s playhouse where she can teach crafts and puppetry and all sorts of fun activities.

With that goal as our motivation, we just go about our simple lives, living within the budget, and cutting down on spending as much as possible along the way.

I suspect that money matters are going to be the cause of quite a few arguments in America in the near future.  Times are tough and there are some tough lessons that the modern families across this country are going to have to learn the hard way.

Having a partner who is your best friend is a great first step as you face an uncertain future.

Blessings to you all and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.