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loving life on a hikeAnd so we come to that day.  At 12:01 a.m. Thursday we will begin a day of thanks, and at 11:59 p.m. we will shut it all down for another year and rush out the door to catch the great sales on Black Friday.

So what? For 364 days we don’t give thanks, or we give it when we are reminded?

The older I get the less I enjoy Thanksgiving.  It’s not a holiday thing because I love Christmas; in fact I’m like a big kid when Christmas gets here….but the whole giving thanks on a special day thing rankles me…..and honestly, I know this is just me and my pet peeve.

I see far too many homeless in this town, and there is always this big push at this time of year to help them, but then the rest of the year people cuss them for being unsightly.

I see far too many hungry people, and boy do they ever eat well on Thanksgiving, but then for 364 days we pretend that hunger doesn’t exist in this country.

Of course I have a ton to be thankful for…what I’m saying is that I am thankful every single day because I cheated death seven years ago, so I receive a damn gift every morning that I wake up….and I see people who aren’t grateful and in fact seem to be pissed off about life….and I see people who have selective sight and can’t see suffering for 364 days….and so it all adds up to me being a bit disillusioned on Thanksgiving.

Having said that, you are all my friends, and holidays are for friends and family, so I truly do hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday. You probably have no idea how much I appreciate you…but I do…so thank you!