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Bev and I met six years ago this month.  To say it was love at first sight might be a loving life on a hikebit of a stretch; in fact, I don’t think Bev was all that impressed with me in the early days, but I was definitely smitten with her from that first meeting.

We had some work to do if we were going to make it.  We both carried baggage from previous marriages, and that kind of baggage can last a lifetime if allowed to fester and stay hidden in the closets of our hearts.  Bev and I refused to keep it hidden.  We wanted what others seemed to have, and we both believed, despite the past and the pain and the disappointments, that love can and does exist, that it is possible for two people to live together in friendship and harmony and respect.

We would stumble and the ghosts would pounce on us.  We would pick ourselves back up again and send the ghosts scurrying back to their hiding places.  Each time that we picked ourselves up the ghosts stayed away a little longer, and then longer.Train ride from Elbe to 018

We learned that communication is crucial.  We learned that trust was essential.  We learned that vulnerability was a must; we had to be willing to be hurt in order to find the love we desperately needed.

And we did hurt each other, and we walked away, but always we returned more willing the next time and yes, wiser.

Today I am safe from the ghosts.  They do not visit any longer. Oh, I’ll see a shadow of them from time to time, but there is no definition to them, just vague memories of what once was and will be no longer.

I am blessed and I am loved.  What more could I need in life?


“Raising awareness one person at a time.”