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loving life on a hikeHappy Monday to you all. I hope your weekend was….restful….happy…joyous….energizing….and on and on. J


We get so busy.

We have our jobs. We have our families. We have responsibilities. We have chores. We have errands to run….we have, we have, we have.

This has been quite a week for some of my online friends. One is battling cancer and does not have the funds to pay for medical treatment. One has had to abruptly leave her home and move to another state with barely any time for planning or preparation.  One is battling the need for stimulants just to get through the day.  One is homeless.  One has loved ones dying from cancer.  One just resigned from her job because her health was suffering because of it.  One is barely making it as a writer and doesn’t know what to do in the future to pay her bills.  And my dearest and oldest friend, someone I literally grew up with as children, her oldest daughter was shot and killed.

We get so busy.

I don’t know any of these people in the classic sense other than my childhood friend; I have never met them and the only picture I have seen is the one they share online. Heck, it may not even be their picture, but that is the face I associate with them.  I have never shared a meal with them; never gone on a walk with them.  I have only talked to a few of them on the phone.  So when I say I “know them” it is definitely not in the classic sense…but….

These are my friends.  We have shared together. We have allowed each other a glimpse of our warts; we have taken down the walls long enough to share our fears, our dreams, our hopes and our pain with each other.  Some of my writing friends are some of the best friends I have in this life….and how remarkable is that?  People I have never met are dear to me; in this world where complacency and apathy rule supreme, it is still possible to make a human connection from thousands of miles away.

We get so busy.

I would ask you today to reach out to a friend who is in need.  Take five minutes and make a phone call. Take five minutes to send an email.  Take five minutes to strengthen that bond that has held your friendship together.

It is important that we do this.


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