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loving life on a hikeGood morning and yes, Happy Friday!

I was just scanning the news and instead of commenting on the recent government vote to start up again (and that clown from Kentucky who made off like a bandit)…..oops, I just commented on it. J

Anyway, something else caught my eye….Citi is offering credit cards at 0% interest for 18 months.

Just in time for Christmas!

Has anyone mentioned to the folks at Citi that times are a bit tough right now?  Oh, wait, of course they know that….that’s why they are offering such a great deal on their credit cards….because you can’t afford to have one!!!!!!!!!

This is a sham…the marketing program behind it is a sham….and the whole purpose is to play on the desires of people as the holidays approach.  A little short of money? Well just borrow it and pay the piper down the road, but of course times won’t be any better down the road, so the piper might start demanding, and so you borrow to shut up the piper but now you have two pipers and where the hell is the money going to come from and one year from now when your hours have been cut back you are looking at some serious situations including…..BANKRUPTCY!

So sure, take Citi up on their offer….grab that great deal and go out and overspend for Christmas.  But then, instead of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, you can leave them out for the folks at Citi, your new Santa Claus who dresses in black.

And do you want to know the truly sad thing about all of this?  Hundreds of thousands of Americans who can’t afford more debt will do exactly that this holiday season, and then spend the next twelve months trying to keep their heads above water.

Cut back….live simple….be happy!

Just for the heck of it, let’s all try simplifying the holidays this year and concentrating on the true meaning of Christmas.  It is a time of love….of family….of compassion….and brotherhood.  It is not a time of credit splurges and mounting debt.

Just my thoughts.


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