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loving life on a hikeHappy Wednesday to you all!

It is foggy this morning as I write this, but the forecast says sun this afternoon and sixty-two degrees.  Not bad at all for the middle of October in western Washington.

I say not bad because we average 85 sunny days per year here in Olympia.  The rest of the time it is cloudy, or cloudy with showers, or cloudy with rain, or cloudy with downpours, or……well, you get the point.  It’s cloudy a great deal of the time here.

At one point a few years back Washington State led the nation in suicides and the best anyone could guess was it was because of the weather and all the gloomy days.  Now I believe that honor is held by Alaska.  Having lived there for a year I can certainly understand that. J

For those who are clinically depressed, this is a tough state to live in.  For the rest of us, the clouds are a convenient excuse to be unhappy if we choose to be so….and that’s the point of today’s missive…happiness is a choice!

It took me a long time to understand this point.  When I was young happiness was a birthright.  Kids are naturally happy when they are young.  It is only after a few years pass and we have been hit by the reality of the teen years and then adulthood that it takes a bit more effort to find happiness….but it is there for the taking if we are willing.

I have known some remarkable people during my lifetime.  I had a student who was born with Spina Bifida, and if ever there was a person who had a reason to be unhappy it was that young lady, and yet she always greeted everyone with a radiant smile.  She embraced life back when I taught her and she still does today as a high school counselor.  She simply chooses to be happy.

Today I choose happiness.  Now in my sixty-fifth year, I am staring at the down slope of life and I have never been happier.  Some say I have had a tough life and I say nonsense. I have had trials that I needed to live through so that I could learn about what is truly important in life.  We all have trials for heaven’s sake; using them to shape our unhappiness is a fool’s mission….using them to shape our philosophy of life is an undertaking worthy of an enlightened human being.

Which are you?  A fool or an enlightened human?  The choice is yours.  Today, right this very moment, you can choose to be happy.  Will you?

Have a great day unless you’ve made other plans.


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