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loving life on a hikeHappy Monday to all of you!  I hope your weekend was filled with joy, as was mine.  For the first time since I joined the writer’s site HubPages, I took a weekend off.  No writing, no reading, no commenting…and it felt fantastic.  LOL

But now it’s time to return to the job that I love.

Today’s post is a rant, albeit a very gentle and subdued rant.

Bev and I were out yesterday for a drive around town.  The weather was gorgeous and quite a change from the monsoons of a week earlier.  Anyway, while we were out and about we were almost hit by a woman who drove through a stop sign…..while talking on her cell phone.  Do you know now where I am going?

I don’t know how many states have a law against driving while holding a cell phone and talking….I know our state of Washington does…..but it should be every damn state, and the fine should be so huge that anyone who has to pay it will never again consider driving while talking on one again.  I’m not sure what the comments will be like on this post, and I really don’t care if anyone disagrees.  There is no reason…none….zero….that a person has to hold a cell phone and talk while driving….and don’t even get me started about people who text while driving.

The number of people I have seen in Olympia who do this, despite the law, is huge, which tells me that the police don’t consider this something worth their time, but I’m here to tell you that it is dangerous, unnecessary and should be cracked down upon with the full weight of the law.

Unlike seatbelt laws, which I consider to be an infringement on our liberties, the cell phone laws are only there to protect others.  It is a proven fact that accidents are caused by careless and distracted drivers who try to talk on the cell phone while navigating a 2500 pound vehicle through busy traffic.  The difference, in many cases, between an accident and a close call is one second….one fleeting moment….and often times that one second is the time of distraction while someone talks or text messages.

What this is, of course, is another sign of today’s society.  People are in such a hurry.  People seem to think they are immune from the laws that are legislated to protect us all.  People seem to think that the convenience of a phone call is more important than the safety of other drivers.

I don’t mind dying from natural causes.  We all die.  However, if I end up dead because of some careless and thoughtless driver on a cell phone, I’m going to be royally pissed off. J

Have a great week!


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