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Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.
Maxwell Maltz

loving life on a hikeDuring my teen years I had a horrible self-image.  For a couple years there I was short, skinny, battling acne and painfully shy.  I did not fit in at school, knew I would never be the popular one, and I couldn’t talk to a girl without breaking out in hives.

Yes, those teen years were tough.  Thank goodness I had parents who provided the support and love I needed so that I didn’t enter adulthood with some crippling self-image issues. They helped me to see, ever so slowly, that I had talents and abilities that would serve me well through life. They taught me to see the value of being a good person and to never compromise my principles no matter how badly I wanted to fit in with the “in crowd.”

I mention that today because I am in contact, daily, with people who do not believe in themselves, and it saddens me.  Writers who are convinced that they do not have talent when in fact they do; wives and husbands who have been beaten down by life and see no light of redemption; I see them, I know them, I hear them and I feel for them.

I could have easily been one of those adults if it were not for a great support system early on, and that leads me to wonder where is the support system for all of these people who do not see how great they truly are?  Where are their friends and family, providing love and encouragement?

Of course, part of the equation for a good self-image is an inside job.  There are times in life when the only positive reinforcement we will receive will have to come from us.  We must look in a mirror and see a new person looking back at us.  It is possible….and it is difficult…but it is so very important that we do so.

Seven years ago next month I made a decision to surround myself with positive people. I was damn tired of seeing doom and gloom, and I knew instinctively that I needed a full diet of positives if I was going to turn my life around.  Today I firmly believe in PIPO…Positive In/Positive Out.  I think positive thoughts. I do positive actions.  Simple formula and it has worked.

I want you all as happy as I am.  I want you to experience the joy of waking up in the morning and knowing that this will be a great day because you are willing it to be so.

If you are having self-image problems drop me a line at holland1145@yahoo.com.  I’ll be your cheerleader until you can do the job yourself.  J

Bill…….and have a great, PIPO weekend!

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