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loving life on a hikeNine inches of rain have fallen since Saturday here in western Washington.  A tornado touched down and did damage in Seattle. It is flooding in the lowlands. It was the wettest September on record for an area that is known for wet, and October is starting in the same vein.

This after the driest summer in memory with no rain at all in July and barely any in June and August.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest and welcome to life.

Admit it, you are as fascinated by weather as I am.  We talk about it, check on it, complain about it, marvel at it and bask in it.  We dress for it, run from it and write music about it.  Believe it or not, many in Olympia were complaining about all of the sunshine, and many  were saying in August they were looking forward to some rain returning.

Now you should hear them.

I have seen almost sixty-five years of weather here in the Pacific Northwest and few things surprise me any longer.  I have learned to just accept it for what it is, which is mainly unpredictable, and move on with life accordingly.  If the weather causes hardships so be it.  Nothing we can do to control Mother Nature, so we buy our rain slickers and our fleece and our rubber boots and we move forward with life.

Winter will be here soon and that means colder temps and higher winds and more rain and a snowstorm or two, and we will deal with that as well and move on with life.  We will grumble some more, and stand in fascination some more, and during our quieter moments we will reflect upon our insignificance in the grand scheme of things, for Mother Earth has been doing her thing long before we humans showed up, and she’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ long after we leave.winter in my little slice of heaven 006

And hopefully, during our time here, we will learn to treat the grand old lady with some respect and learn to live in harmony with our surroundings.

Have a great day no matter what the weather may be in your area.


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