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loving life on a hikeHappy Monday to you all!

It was quite a weekend here in western Washington.  Saturday and Sunday we were treated to five inches of rain.  We had had such a lovely summer, and this weekend served as a gentle reminder that fall had definitely arrived.

We just went about our normal routine despite the rain.  I had to help my son move some stuff from a storage unit to our house, including a mattress that we had to tie down on the top of the car and cover with a tarp in a nonsensical attempt to keep it dry.  We failed miserably but we did get it moved and that was the important thing.

The rain was a challenge at times but it was just life as normal.  I had a mentor who told me once that if you are going through hell just keep moving and don’t stop to enjoy the scenery.  LOL  He was right of course.  We all face challenges throughout life.  Some are huge; some, like this deluge, not so huge but still a bit of a task.  Through it all we just keep moving forward, which is also what my dad always told me.

One step at a time and always move forward….those were his words and I believe them today.   Life is….life.  We don’t always get to pick and choose what is going to happen to us. We can prepare for what we think will be the worst but invariably we are hit with an event we never planned for….and we just have to deal with it and move on.

And that is what I admire so much about human beings….our ability to persevere despite the obstacles that face us daily.  We are not just survivors; we have the ability to rise above mere survival and in fact thrive.

Pretty amazing when you think about it.

Have a great day my friends and thank you for stopping by.


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