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loving life on a hikeHappy Wednesday to you all! I hope this finds you happy with life and ready to capture some memorable moments today.

I’m in a reflective mood today, so hang tough and give me some slack. J

In three weeks I will be hitting that magical retirement number of 65.  Who would have ever guessed it was possible seven years ago? Certainly not me.  I am the first to admit that I have been lucky.  There is no logical reason for me to be breathing right now.  I abused my body something terrible over the years. For a very long time I ate nothing that was healthy for me. I discarded physical exercise for harmful pleasures, and with each passing year my mental, physical and emotional state deteriorated.

That did change, however, seven years ago, and the change that happened has been nothing short of miraculous.

I look back at my father, who died when he was three days short of fifty.  When he died he appeared to be an old man.  His step had slowed considerably; his physical features, once so strong in appearance, softened, and he looked twenty years older than his actual age.  The smile that was once so apparent had disappeared, and life just weighed down on him.

That’s how I felt seven years ago.  Today I feel twenty years younger and I have to tell you, much of it is attributable to my mental outlook.  Today I love life.  I feel young, I act young, and although it is impossible to deny my years, it is very obvious that my body is reacting to my positive outlook on life.

I began running again two months ago and today I can run two miles.  I do yoga and I smile constantly.  I now watch what I eat and make sure that I treat my body like the gift that it is.  I am a firm believer in PIPO…Positive In/Positive Out.  If I think positive thoughts then I will act positively and of course, the opposite is true as I proved for many years.

Sure there are still problems, but I always remember the words of an early mentor of mine:  “Bill, don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.”

My priorities are finally set straight…..love myself and love others. Nothing else matters. There will always be people who think that is an oversimplification but I think they are wrong.  The single most important thing in life is love.  After that it is all window dressing. J

Have a PIPO day!


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