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loving life on a hikeWelcome back to another installment of random reflections about life.

We have six chickens, and because Bev is Bev, all six have names.  One of our chickens, Minerva, likes to wander on her own, and practically every single day she flies over the fence that divides our yard and roams around in the “family backyard” while her mates are in the “chicken backyard.”  I don’t know if she thinks she is too good to be relegated to the chicken section, or if she silently has delusions of grandeur or what, but there she is, as I write this, walking among the patio chairs.animal minefield 009

We also have a miniature dachshund, and this morning Cee Cee happened to be in the family backyard when Minerva dropped by for a visit.  Cee Cee was quite excited about this event and started chasing Minerva all over the backyard.  Now this was quite a funny sight because Cee Cee hops when she runs because her legs are so short I guess…so there was Cee Cee frantically trying to catch Minerva by hopping as fast as she could, and Minerva was squawking like crazy running away.  I could have intervened but I was laughing too hard at the time.

Finally Minerva had had enough and she turned around and faced our brave little dachshund and madly flapped her wings at Cee Cee….scared the living daylights out of her and she sprinted (hopped) back into the house.  Shortly after Minerva must have decided she had had enough excitement because she flew back over the fence and joined her amused friends.  The scoreboard now reads Minerva 1…Cee Cee 0.

Where do I begin?

I love Minerva’s sense of adventure and her refusal to stay “cooped” up in a designated area.  It’s a big world out there and Minerva is going to see as much of it as she can in the few years she has remaining.  Sure she is taking some risks. I mean it’s scary when you are a chicken and you are limited in flight. It’s not like she can soar with the eagles, but I sense that she thinks she can and that makes all the difference to Minerva.writer's digest and chickens 002

Cee Cee, on the other hand, learned a valuable lesson….mind your own business and quit playing the part of a bully….I suspect she also learned about her own limitations and that’s always a sobering lesson.  Now Cee Cee can learn from this event….she can leave Minerva alone…she can get her face pecked….or maybe one day she will find her inner-courage and take on Minerva in a royal battle.  The choice is hers.

And the choice is always ours now isn’t it? J

Have a great day unless you made other plans.


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