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loving life on a hikeYes indeed, another Happy Friday is upon us.  Shall we get started?

A friend of mine, Marissa, has a blog she calls “Tiny Pilgrim,” and you can find it here.  Now I mention her because she recently highlighted me in her blog and said all sorts of nice things about me.  Once I got over the discomfort, which I always feel when someone pays me a compliment, I settled into reflective mode about helping others.

I was raised to help others. It is one of my earliest childhood memories. My parents believed in giving a helping hand to those in need, and they lived their belief.  I’m sure that partially explains my going into teaching….I have simply always felt compelled to give when I can and……

Not expect anything in return.  True giving is unconditional.  There are zero expectations attached to giving….one just gives, and the reward is in the warm fuzzy feelings one gets from doing an unselfish act.  What Marissa did yesterday was a perfect example of giving and I am very grateful.

I know many people like Marissa…in fact, it’s kind of a litmus test I give when considering new friends….are they unselfish givers…if so then they can hang with me any old time.

On the writer’s site HubPages that I belong to there are givers and there are takers, and I simply don’t understand the takers.  I see them daily.  They will post their work, and market their work, and advertise their latest, but you never see them singing the praises of another writer.  I have even had some ask me for help and then I never hear from them again, and I will never understand that kind of thinking or behavior.

But I don’t need to understand it….I simply need to live my life by my own principles and accept the fact that there are those out there who will never get it.  Boy oh boy are they ever missing out on a great feeling….warm fuzzies are the best. J

Have a great weekend!


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