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loving life on a hikeHappy Monday to you all.  Today let’s talk about friendliness.

Bev and I attended the Washington State Fair yesterday.  The weather was perfect, meaning some drizzle, which kept the crowds down nicely.

I am a people-watcher.  Bev is the gregarious one in our duet; I am quite content to stand in the background and observe people because, quite frankly, they fascinate me.  So yesterday gave me ample opportunity to watch my fellow man in a festive atmosphere and they did not let me down.

We got there right when the Fair opened at nine, and during the first hour the vendors were all pleasant, but you could watch them change as the crowds grew and the people got a bit more demanding, so that by noon when we broke for lunch it was a bit difficult to find a vendor or Fair employee who was in an upbeat mood.  Now normally my first reaction is that if you are being paid to do a retail job then part of that job is to be pleasant….but…..I understand. I have worked retail and it is hard to remain pleasant when people are being rude towards you, and we definitely witnessed some rude people during our stay at the Fair.

Bev and I are both firm believers in the power of positive thinking and positive actions, and we were determined to beat the odds and bring a little positive mojo into the lives of everyone we met at the Fair.  We made it a point to smile at people, and we engaged Fair workers in conversation whenever we could….it was a two-person love fest and it was amazing to watch the difference.

We would stand in line and watch as Fair workers dealt with grumpy people, giving them short answers and never smiling…and then Bev and I would get to the front of the line with smiles and friendly comments, and we were greeted with the same.

What’s the point?  It takes so little effort to spread some good will, and yet so few people make that effort.  Of course there are terminally grumpy people who will not respond to good will, but by and large most everyone will receive friendliness and give it in return if given the chance.

“And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love….you make.”  the Beatles

Just something to think about.

Have a great day unless you’ve made other plans.


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