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loving life on a hikeOh Happy Friday!  Let’s do the Happy Dance of Weekend Freedom!

And that leads me to my point today. See how clever I am? Did you catch the segue?

I loved being a teacher until the last two years, but that’s another story for another time.  For sixteen years I loved getting up in the morning and driving to school and interacting with the students. I loved pushing them beyond their supposed limits and I loved challenging them. I loved laughing with them and forming a bond with them, a bond that has lasted for over thirty years for some as I still do hear from them.

I loved teaching so much that I would start preparing my classes in mid-July. I loved teaching so much that when Friday came I was actually disappointed that I had to wait two days to see my kids again.

I feel the same way about writing.  I love the creative freedom I have, and the challenge of it all, and the ability to name my own hours and work at my own pace, and I love interacting with other writers and sharing with them, helping them and becoming friends with them.  I have had to literally force myself not to write on weekends and I have to tell you it has not been easy.

Yes, I love writing.

How about you? Do you love what you are doing?  I ask that because I suspect….hell, I know…that millions out there do not love what they are doing daily.  There are a lot of people stuck in dead end jobs and they can’t see an escape route. All they see is thirty, forty or fifty more years of drudgery, and I find that incredibly sad.

When I was a teacher I used to tell my students to follow their passion.  Discover what excited them, what they were passionate about, and then make that their living.  That way every single day that they crawl out of bed they can be excited about going to work.

And I say that to all of you.  Find some passion in your life and then grab it as a drowning man grabs flotsam.  Despite what many think, we can control our lives.  We make decisions daily that have a great effect on our future. We are not some helpless amoeba waiting for evolutionary changes. We are living, breathing decision-making machines, and if we are not happy with what we are doing then we can change it.

I have an online friend who recently moved to Arizona.  She had problems with family back east and decided that life was too short to constantly live in turmoil, so she called up the movers, sent her stuff to Arizona and caught a flight.  She is sixty-five years old, knows nobody in Arizona, has never been there, but she decided it was time she experienced it.  No she is not rich; she is struggling as a matter of fact, but that did not prevent her from saying to hell with it and making a change.

That’s what I want for all of you.

Whatever it takes, be happy!

And yes, have a great weekend!


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