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loving life on a hikeI walked face-first into a spider’s web this morning.  I know, not terribly newsworthy, but this was like the tenth time in a row I have done this….same door leading outside…same result.  One would think I would have learned the first nine times, but there I was this morning, wiping the slender threads off of my face and out of my hair.

Remember the old definition of insanity….doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?  Well welcome to my world.

And welcome to the world of international politics….or just politics in general.

There is a local high school in the Olympia area called North Thurston High.  Every year they have a new levy on the ballot asking for more money because they are going broke and can’t meet expenses.  Every year the testing results come out and North Thurston scores in the bottom tenth percentile in the state for results, but still they keep asking for more money to meet expenses.


As a former history teacher I have done a fair amount of reading about U.S. History.  Now as far as I can tell, the U.S. has only been in two wars that would be considered somewhat justified….the American Revolution and World War II.  All the other wars we have been involved in were for economic reasons or to protect “our interests,” whatever the hell that means.


This leads me to reflections about Syria, and Iran, and Iraq, and Egypt, and Saudi Arabia….and on and on.  What we are doing in that region of the world is not working.  We keep getting the same results and yet we continue to poke our considerable nose into affairs that we need to stay out of.


The cost of our national hubris and ego is the lives of our military.  The cost is the lives of those who are killed in terrorist acts.  The cost is our self-respect as a nation.

We have so many problems in the United States.  How about we put a little effort into fixing our local problems and leave the Middle East to wallow in their own excrement?  There are seven billion people on this planet. There are over 180 nations on this planet. We cannot continue to be the police force for the world. We cannot continue to be the “Moral Authority” for the world.

What we can begin to be, however, is a nation of the people, by the people and for the people…that is, after all, why we were formed in the first place.

Have a great day unless you’ve made other plans.


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