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loving life on a hikeGreetings to you all on this fine Thursday!

I was trying to think of a subject for this post when I ran across an announcement that Jack Nicholson has retired from acting.  No fanfare….no big press conference….he just decided to retire.

Well damn!

I’ve had the pleasure to watch that man in movies now for fifty years, and as always happens, it seems like a part of my life retired with his announcement.  It’s funny because I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I saw a picture of Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center, and realized how old they now are…and of course McCartney is still playing, as are the Stones, and they were all part of my teen years and formative early adult years, and then they were with me through the divorce and deaths and…and…and…

I can’t say that I am really sad so much as I am wistful….what is it called….I am experiencing a sweet melancholy right now.  With each retirement or with each death, a part of this wonderful life I have lived dies with them.

Man it’s been a great ride.  A childhood for the Ages….climbing mountains and the Monterey Pop Festival and a son and lovers and thousands of incredible experiences and Bev and on and on and on….

And it ain’t over yet!

Every person I have met has been a part of the tapestry. Every wild-assed idea I had has helped me to grow.  I have been enriched by many, diminished by a few and learned to keep my ego in check and my humility growing.  I have given, gotten and look forward to more exchanges.

Life is good my friends.  If you don’t think so then just try the alternative…but you only get to try it once. J  Live life to the fullest so that when you reach my age you can have many such moments of sweet melancholy.


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