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From Wikipedia:

The Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free trade area between theUnited States and the European Union.

So what you say?  Well, that’s my question as well.  This is a major trade agreement that is being pushed heavily by President Obama, and the whole thing is flying under the radar.  Hardly anyone is talking about it, but there seems to be some major concerns about it, and two major concerns I have are these:

1)      Major corporations are all for this agreement

2)      Monsanto, the leading producers of GMO foods, has backed off of their lobbying in Europe because of this trade agreement.

Now, I hate to be skeptical, but if there is something in this agreement that Monsanto likes then I have serious concerns.

Now, I hate to be skeptical, but if major corporations are all for this agreement, then I have serious concerns.

The last time we signed a major trade agreement, jobs started disappearing from the United States at a rapid rate, and corporations got richer and unemployment rose.

I really hate being skeptical, but I also hate big business and the government giving me reasons for being skeptical.

I have said for quite some time now that the economy is not improving for the average citizen, and I have said for quite some time that things will get worse before they get better in this country. I still believe it.

What can you do? Well, I don’t believe for a second that contacting your legislator will do any good, so my next option is to encourage you all to buy locally whenever possible. I know it is not always practical, but the more you buy locally the more we take the power out of the hands of major corporations.

I encourage you all to grow your own vegetables whenever possible, and start paying attention to what you are eating.  Monsanto is a giant whose sole purpose is to produce unhealthy foods and sell them to you….and they will remain a giant as long as citizens blithely purchase these dangerous foods.

I am stepping off of my soap box now and I’ll wish you a wonderful day.


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