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loving life on a hikeSo I was reading a list of minimum wages by state the other day.  The lowest is Minnesota at $6.15 per hour and the highest is my state of Washington at $9.19.

I’m not going to bore you by doing the math, but I would love someone to tell me how anyone can live on minimum wage?

And yet I get it with regards to small businesses.  I’ve been a small business owner and I understand that there is only so much you can pay employees and still manage to make a profit….and paying for health benefits….much easier said than done for someone who owns a mom and pop grocery store.

Of course, don’t get me started talking about a major corporation that makes billions in profits but still pays their employees minimum wage.  Of course they aren’t required to pay more than that, but still….

I see where President Obama is on a two-day tour promoting alternative solutions to the rising costs of college….and there are new breaks for homeowners and their mortgages….and the job sector looks good on paper with a whole bunch of part-time minimum wage jobs being added to fatten up the statistics.

This is all leading to something…I promise!

For the longest time now, this country has been reactionary with regards to economic problems.  There are huge problems with our economic system, and concentrating on the small issues is a recipe for disaster.

People need to work.  They need to feel productive and good about themselves.  They need to be paid a good wage that allows them to actually live without government assistance.  If they have those things, they will then spend money on goods and services, and in return business owners will prosper.

I liken it to a car owner who has a blown out engine who goes out and buys new tires.  The car ain’t going anywhere but damn it looks good in the driveway.  From a distance, the United States looks good sitting in the driveway….but don’t expect to take it out for a test drive because the engine just won’t turn over.

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