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loving life on a hikeHappy Monday to all of you. I hope you had a great weekend and you are all ready to write the next great novel, or conquer the next great obstacle, or whatever it is you have planned.  Shall we begin and get this over with so I don’t delay your destiny with greatness any longer than necessary?

It is going to be partly cloudy here, or partly sunny, depending on your outlook on life.  The temperature is predicted at 78 degrees with little wind and low humidity.  A perfect day during a near-perfect summer for weather in the Pacific Northwest.

Scanning the news I see that there is severe flooding in China, and death tolls have not been determined yet.

Realistically there is very little I can do about that.  I have very little trust in large relief agencies because often times the money donated does not reach the people who need it.  My other personal roadblock is that there are millions in my own country who need help….heck, there are thousands in my own city who need help.  I am not a pure nationalist by nature, as I consider all people to be my brothers and sisters, but when it comes to the vast numbers who need help, it just makes sense that I concentrate my efforts on helping those who are closest to me in terms of distance.

The point is that anyone who is truly interested in helping others will have no problem finding someone to help.  Just step out your door and scan the streets….they are out there in need of compassion, empathy and love.  You can all do your part, without fanfare and without a large financial expenditure….just be more human as you go about your business today.

Have a great start to a great week as a great month comes to a close.  The seasons are once again changing, and hopefully as fall approaches we will see a change as well….a change towards more humanness and love for one another.


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