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loving life on a hikeMy son lost his mother last Friday.  My ex-wife died from a massive stroke after years of poor health, and it was left to me to tell my son the news.

Although I suspected this day would come soon, I still was not prepared, and I found myself lacking in parental skills as I broke the news to Tyler.

We divorced back in 1989 when our son was five years old. Two years after the divorce I received a call one day from my ex-wife saying she no longer wanted to be a single mother and she was sending our son to live with me, and with me he remained until he was twenty-one and ready to head out on his own.DSCN0811

Tyler and I have always been close; for many years I was really his only parent as his mother became more and more distant. Still, this was his mother, so the news hit him hard and again, I was lacking in skills when the time came.

I did the best I could, and we are working through this together.  In the end, I guess the message I will leave you with is that we are never going to be perfect parents.  There will come times when we simply do not know how to handle a situation, and it is at those times when we just love.

Love can cover our butts when all else fails, and where there is love there will always be comfort. So it was in our family last Friday, and so it always will be.